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Robert A.



Robert A. has had contacts in the GDR since 1960. He is interested in politics and is very open-minded to the idea of the GDR. An expert in electronic engineering with Philips Deutschland, he is often invited to conferences and trade fairs in the GDR. He participates with pleasure. A. enters the federal elections on September 17th, 1961 as a direct candidate for the German Peace Union (Deutschen Friedens-Union, or DFU). He subsequently reports massive reprisals at his company and considers relocating.

But can I be sure that when the reprisals get too severe or I just can’t go on any longer, I’ll be heard when I knock on the door of the GDR?

On March 30th, 1962 he drives his car directly to the reception center for academics in Ferch, near Potsdam, and registers himself as an immigrant. He is welcomed with open arms. Several days later, however, electrical equipment stolen from his company is discovered in his possession. The car also turns out to be stolen, and the GDR authorities bring it back to West Germany. Nevertheless, A. demands an executive position in GDR foreign trade. Two months later, his naturalization application is denied, and A. is sent back to West Germany. He is banned from returning to the GDR.